Elachee Nature Science Center

Located in Gainesville, Georgia, the Elachee Nature Science Center is a premier environmental education center. Its 1,440-acre nature preserve includes a museum, hiking trails, and a variety of animals. Combined with its exhibit halls, the center provides an educational and fun experience for students and adults alike. The facility is part of Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve, one of Georgia’s largest protected green spaces. Come and visit this amazing attraction at 2125 Elachee Drive, Gainesville, GA 30504.


Elachee’s museum features exhibits such as the Giants of the Past, which features life-like roars from Ice Age mammals, as well as robotic dinosaurs. The nature center also sponsors the Great Backyard Bird Count in February. Next location


Elachee’s museum and exhibits also include an extensive calendar of educational programs, activities, and events for visitors of all ages. The center is a nonprofit whose mission is to educate, inspire, and motivate people to protect the environment. The center offers a variety of programs, including a Nature Academy for kindergartners to fifth graders and special school programs for schools. Elachee also offers summer day camps for kids of all ages, as well as birthday parties and facility rentals. It’s easy to see why this educational institution has earned the title of premier environmental education center.


Elachee’s programs are based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts, with a focus on environmental education. It’s not surprising that the center is a favorite among North Georgians. Elachee offers a variety of free, fun activities for all ages, including nature walks, science nights, art workshops, and science-themed camps. It’s also a great destination for families looking to spend quality time together.


Elachee Nature Science Center is also home to the largest owl in Georgia. The Bufo virginianus, or “Great Horned Owl,” is a legendary predator and a resident Elachee animal ambassador. The center also sponsors a number of raptor festivals throughout the year, including Snake Day in September and Raptor Fest in March.


The Elachee Nature Science Center is a hidden gem in North Georgia. It has earned the reputation of being one of the best places for families to learn about the natural world. The center is also a perfect venue for school field trips and special events. In 2004, 60,000 visitors and 31,000 students visited the center.


Elachee is also home to a number of educational programs, including the Aquatic Studies Center, which was built in Chicopee Lake in 1998. The center offers a variety of classes, including aquatics, environmental education, and astronomy. The center also sponsors programs such as the Great Backyard Bird Count, the science night series, and the monthly nature focus. The Elachee Nature Shop has an extensive selection of nature-themed gifts, books, and more. The center is also a sponsor of several local organizations. Among its sponsors are BB&T, BB&T Bank, and the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce.

The Elachee Nature Science Center has a long history of environmental education. Since 1978, the organization has been dedicated to fostering environmental literacy in North Georgia and Hall County. In 1999, the center received its SACS (State Accreditation Commission of Georgia) accreditation. More information here

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