Gainesville GA - Part 10

Located on the shores of Lake Sidney Lanier, Gainesville is an upscale and prosperous city in the northeastern corner of Georgia. In addition to its proximity to Atlanta, Gainesville is known for its rich culture and varied activities. The city offers a wide variety of museums and other attractions for the entire family to enjoy. Some of these are family-friendly, while others are more geared towards adults. When traveling to Gainesville, be sure to research the different attractions before you go to save time and money.


Gainesville is also known as the Poultry Capital of the World because of its large poultry industry. The poultry industry is now one of the state’s largest agricultural crops, generating over $1 billion in annual revenue. Jesse Jewell was the driving force behind the development of the poultry industry in Gainesville. In the late 1940s, he helped establish the area’s poultry industry and helped make Gainesville the poultry capital of the world.


The Quinlan Visual Arts Center is one of the oldest arts organizations in Georgia. This family-run center has been providing art enthusiasts with art exhibits and events for over sixty years. The center features a variety of art, including sculpture, glassware, and beer. The center hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including jazz concerts and theatrical performances. It also has a rotating beer menu. Learn more about Gainesville


The Beulah Rucker Museum and Education Center is the first museum in Gainesville devoted to the history of African Americans. This museum features exhibits on the life and times of Beulah Rucker, who founded Georgia’s first veterans’ night school for African American children in 1951. The museum also features a replica of the shack where Rucker lived.


Another fun place to visit with kids in Gainesville is the Cool Springs blueberry farm. This family-friendly attraction features a variety of activities throughout the year, including Christmas tree cutting and picking, as well as live entertainment. The farm is open on Monday through Saturday and is the perfect place to take your kids during the fall. If you are looking for a place to cut down your own Christmas tree, the farm also offers hot chocolate at the shed.


In addition to its attractions, Gainesville is also home to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center, which offers excellent healthcare. There are also two private schools in Gainesville, as well as the public charter system, which runs six elementary schools and one high school. There are also several museums and cultural venues in Gainesville, including the Smithgall Arts Center, the Beulah Rucker Museum and EducationCenter, and the Gainesville Theatre Alliance. More information here


The Smithgall Arts Center is located in the former railway depot that dates back to 1914. The center features sculptures by nationally-important artists in the garden, as well as theatre performances throughout the year. In addition, the center has a small permanent art collection inside.


The Don Carter Estate is named for a real estate executive who built the first state park in the Gainesville region. This 38,000-acre park is located near Lake Sidney Lanier. The estate is surrounded by beautiful beaches, and it provides an ideal recreational environment for visitors.

Point of Interest #1 Zen Ramen and Sushi Burrito, 115 Washington St NE, Gainesville, GA 30501


Point of Interest #2 Consuelo, 112 Bradford St NE, Gainesville, GA 30501

Point of Interest #3 Recess Southern Gastro-pub, 118 Bradford St NE, Gainesville, GA 30501

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