Gainesville GA - Part 15

Located on Lake Lanier, Gainesville is a small city in northeast Georgia, close to Atlanta and the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is one of the most popular inland water destinations in Georgia, with the lake being open to water sports and a variety of hiking trails. It is also an agricultural and business center for the northeastern part of the state. Gainesville is home to several educational institutions, including the Georgia Baptist Female Seminary, Brenau University, and the University of Georgia-Gainesville. The city also has several public and private elementary, high schools, and colleges.


Gainesville is home to the Smithgall Arts Center, which was built in 1914 on the site of the old railway depot. The centre has a small permanent collection of art inside, as well as a garden containing sculptures by nationally important artists. The centre also hosts performances and theatre events. The centre is operated by a local not-for-profit organisation.


The City of Gainesville is also home to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center, which offers exceptional healthcare. There are a number of other educational institutions in the area, including Brenau University, the Riverside Military Academy, and the Lanier Technical College. The city is also the site of the Gainesville Theater Alliance, which produces performances year-round. The area is also home to two private schools and Brenau Academy, a private high school. Learn more about Gainesville


Gainesville is home to the largest poultry industry in the state. The poultry industry generates a billion dollars a year, and chickens are now the state’s most important agricultural crop. Jesse Jewell started the poultry industry in the area after World War II. The chicken industry is a large economic and social contributor to the region, and Gainesville is considered the “Poultry Capital of the World.”


The city is also home to the Northeast Georgia History Center, which is dedicated to the history of the region. There are also several graves of important men in the region. The Alta Vista Cemetery in Laurel Park is the final resting place of several important men, including several prominent sons of the region.


Gainesville is also home to the Smithgall Arts Center, one of the oldest arts organisations in Georgia north of Atlanta. The centre hosts theatre and jazz performances throughout the year, and hosts an annual jazz festival in the summer. The centre also hosts a variety of rotating exhibitions, including a beer menu, and is family-friendly. The centre also features a model train garden and easy hiking trails.


Gainesville is home to several cultural institutions, including the Gainesville Symphony, the Gainesville Theater Alliance, and the Northeast Georgia History Center. It is also home to the Elachee Nature Science Center, located in Chicopee Woods. More info


Gainesville is home to two public schools, one high school, and one middle school, as well as the Gainesville City School System. The city also has two private schools and the Riverside Military Academy. The area also has several educational institutions, including the University of Georgia-Gainesville, the University of Georgia-College of Nursing, and Brenau University.

Point of Interest #1 Solar System Walking Tour – Venus, Main St SW, Gainesville, GA 30501


Point of Interest #2 Old Joe, Spring St NE, Gainesville, GA 30501

Point of Interest #3 Gainesville Square, 112 Bradford St NE, Gainesville, GA 30501

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