Green Meadows

Located in Georgia, Green Meadows is a small town tucked away in the suburbs of Atlanta. This is a great place for families, couples and singles looking to downsize to a smaller home. It is also a great place to start a new job as the Georgia Department of Labor is very supportive of its residents. It is located near Knollwood and Devonshire, two of the affluent Atlanta suburbs.


While the town of Green Meadows itself may be small, the surrounding areas are home to hundreds of communities. Here are a few things to check out while you are visiting the area. Next city


The best thing to do while in the area is to get out and walk around. There are many parks and open spaces around town, and it is always nice to be surrounded by nature. There are even small community garden plots to tinker with and plants to admire. You may even spot a bluebird or two.


The town’s most prominent claim to fame is its large swath of greenspace, which is a great place to unwind. If you are a nature buff, you may want to plan a visit to Green Meadows Preserve. The property is on 112 acre historic farmland in the west Cobb area, and was acquired by Cobb County PARKS for use as a passive park. It also has a few cool trinkets, including a kite flying machine, a historical garden around a Civil War Era house, and a fancy-pants swimming pool.

The most important thing to remember about the area is that it is not as densely populated as it’s neighbor, the Atlanta area, which is why the aforementioned large swath of greenspace is not as commercialized. While you are there, consider visiting the Atlanta Museum of Art, Georgia Aquarium, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, or any one of the other countless cultural and historic sites in the area. The best part about living in Green Meadows is that you can drive to many of these locations in less than 20 minutes, as opposed to the slog it takes to get to some of the larger, more urban locales. More info

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