Quinlan Visual Arts Center

Founded in 1946, Quinlan Visual Arts Center (QVAC) serves the Gainesville, Georgia, area and its surrounding communities. The center, located on Green Street, offers exceptional visual arts programming. The center is also a member of the Georgia Art League. The center’s mission is to bring quality art experiences to the local community. It is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. In addition to the gallery, the center hosts a variety of art classes for people of all ages. It also serves as a hippotherapy center for children. Come and visit the center at 514 Green St NE, Gainesville, GA 30501.


The center offers art classes and outreach programs that expand sustainable art enrichment opportunities for underserved communities in the area. It is also part of a program known as Partners in Education. This program allows the center to offer reduced summer art classes for children in the community. This program provides free art classes to 90 local children each summer. Next location


The center also hosts the Quinlan Art Scholarship, a college scholarship program in conjunction with the Quinlan Gallery. Each year, the winner of the scholarship goes on to compete in a statewide art scholarship competition. The winning pieces are displayed at the Quinlan Art Gallery for a month. The winners are also eligible to receive a cash scholarship. This scholarship is a great way to help students get a higher education.


The center also provides services for seniors in the community. This year, the center will be hosting an event called “Arty Attendance Party.” It is a fun and interactive event where attendees can participate in one-fire hand building projects. In addition, the center will have a guided tour of the youth art exhibit.


The center also hosts the GALA Fine Art Auction, an annual event that has been in operation for more than 40 years. It is a popular event with fine art collectors in the area. The event features artwork from local, regional, and national artists. This year, the auction will feature a piece by Steve Penley. Known for his signature paint strokes and vivid imagery, Penley studied at the University of Georgia in Athens and the School of Visual Arts in New York.


Quinlan Visual Arts Center has also begun making art services for seniors a priority. This year, they will provide a FREE incentive-based field trip to the best attendance. This will be an afternoon spent exploring art exhibits, chatting with artists, and making fun art projects.


In addition to the art gallery, Quinlan Visual Arts Center also has a guest house, a healthcare facility that offers art and social interaction to seniors in the area. The center also offers classes that are specifically designed for people in the senior community. These classes are taught by specially trained artists and provide a variety of social experiences. These classes also result in a completed project. More information

Quinlan Visual Arts Center serves Barrow, Lumburn, and Banks counties and serves as a regional arts center. It serves about 20,000 guests annually. The center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

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