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When setting up a workspace for starting up a new business or optimizing your existing workplace for efficiency, it can benefit you to consider your electrical outlet needs. Installing the right receptacles will help the convenience of your business and its efficiency. At The Flash Electric Incorporated, we offer various specialty receptacle installation services for businesses. Our licensed electricians are trained to make recommendations on the best outlet types and placements for your business.

Why you need to install new receptacles

When your circuit gets overloaded with too many devices, it can cause your circuit breaker to trip and cut off power from flowing through that specific circuit. This is to prevent your wires from melting and starts a fire.

Have you ever plugged too many devices in an outlet or turn your air conditioner, and then it suddenly turns off? That’s most likely because of a circuit overload. 

Ways to identify that your circuit is overloaded

  • Lights that dim when other devices get connected on the same circuit.
  • Buzzing outlets or switches
  • Scorched plugs or outlets
  • Lack of power coming from the outlet

What Receptacles you need

Installing or replacing additional receptacles can be made by a simple task by trusting The Flash Electric Incorporated electricians for us to route your wires to the existing power. Our team can easily provide the right power for any device at your home.

Why choose the service of The Flash Electric Incorporated 

When you have a busy schedule, you will rely on a company that turns up at the time agreed – a time convenient for you. When you call The Flash Electric Incorporated, you can be sure that we’ll be there.

Our mission is to provide excellent work at an affordable price. Usually, we will equal or exceed the costs of our rivals. Contact The Flash Electric Incorporated to give you a quote on your next job. If you need any help with the Receptacle installed, we will surely be there to help you. We are located in Gainesville, GA, and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call us today to explore how our basic service provider solutions can aid satisfy your basement remodel plans. Contact us at Call us at (281) 888-0430 for a cost-free quote or call us online!. 

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