The Kinsey Family Farm

The Kinsey Family Farm was founded in 1946 by Dr. Herman M. Kinsey, Jr., a noted agricultural scientist and author of numerous books on agriculture. It is located at 7140 Jot Em Down Rd, Gainesville, GA 30506, in northwest Georgia near Gainesville at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains 10 miles east of Dahlonega, the site of one of the north’s first gold mines. The farm contains 2,400 acres and has 4,200 peach trees and 3,600 apple trees that produce more than 250 tons of fruit annually. There are also vegetable gardens—truck gardens—and orchards on 1,500 acres. The retail garden center sells fresh produce, herbs, flowers and prepared foods year round to customers from nearby cities as part of an urban ag strategy for this region. 

How did The Kinsey Farm get its name?

The farm is named for Dr. Herman M. Kinsey Jr., a notable agricultural scientist and author of numerous books on agricultural issues. He was also the director of the State College Agronomy Extension Service in Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Dr. Kinsey was the founder of the Kinsey Farm, Inc., agricultural research company in Alabama. Kinsey was born in Anniston, Ala., in 1907. He grew up near the Black Warrior River near Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture in 1928. He went on to earn his master’s degree in 1931 and his Ph.D. in 1934 from the University of Wisconsin. From 1932 to 1937 he conducted research on cotton in Alabama, Louisiana and Texas before moving to Georgia in 1937 to head the Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of Georgia. While in Georgia he founded the Kinsey Farm, Inc., a tree farm and agricultural research company that still operates today. Next location

A retail garden center to boost the bottom line

The Kinsey Farm’s retail garden center was established in 1998 as a source of fresh produce to supplement the farm’s own production. The center serves a local market and has garnered an excellent reputation for its incredible selection of fruits and vegetables. The produce is not only superior, but excellent prices and exceptional service make the center a great place to shop. The retail garden center supplies a full range of fresh produce. These include: – Apples: Galas, McIntosh, Northern Spy, Stark Red, Pink Lady, Rome, Red Delicious, Pink Lady, Gravenstein, Ginger Gold, Mutsu, Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Fuji, Braeburn, Autumn Gold, Empire, Country apple blend, Braeburn, Fuji, Red Delicious, Cameo, McIntosh, Stayman, Cortland, Macoun, National Varieties and More. – Avocados: Hass, Black, Green – Bananas: Green, Yellow, Red – Beans: Bush, Pole, String, Wax and Snap – Broccoli: Green/Red Cabbage and Hybrid – Cabbage: Red, Green, Savoy, Chinese, Cos, Romanesco, Oriental, Brandywine, Hybrid and More – Cantaloupe: White and Golden – Carrots: Baby, Medium and Large – Cucumbers: Pickling, Armenian and Large – Eggplant: Black, Purple, Pink and More – Figs: Black and Italian – Grapes: Dry, Sweet and White – Honey: Georgia Wild, Rupp and More – Kiwis: Green and Blue – Limes: Persian, Meyer and Vietnamese – Mangos: Green, Red and Yellow – Mushrooms: Shiitake, Button, Portabella, Oyster, and More – Oranges: navel, blood, marmalade, white, juice and specialty varieties – Peaches: Red, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow and clingstone – Pineapples: All varieties – Potatoes: All varieties – Pumpkins: All Varieties – Salad Greens: Arugula, Cilantro, Iceberg, Dark, Light and More – Strawberries: All Varieties – Sweet Corn: White, Blue and Black – Tomatoes: Cherry, Grape, Early, Roma and more – Walnuts: Black, English, Blanched and Shell

Urban agriculture and ecosystem services

Urban agriculture and ecosystem services can be a great way to provide food and income to individuals living in distressed areas. It can also boost local economies and provide jobs for people living in those areas. At the Kinsey Farm, urban agriculture includes the planting of trees on some of the farm’s land that are used for windfarms and provide valuable ecosystem services. These include: Shade and erosion control for this region’s urban population: Blue Ridge Mountain forests are a valuable resource for the region. The Kinsey Farm produces food in this area and has planted trees that provide shade that reduces the amount of erosion on the farms’ fields. These ecosystem services are worth tens of millions of dollars annually and have been valued in the billions in the past. The Kinsey Farm’s sustainable forestry practices offer a great example of how to use forests to provide these benefits while also producing clean water and contributing to biodiversity. Click for more info

Tree farm with multiple benefits

The Kinsey Farm operates a tree farm with multiple benefits. It contains 1,500 acres of mixed hardwood and softwood forests and is managed by the USDA Forest Service. The trees contain multiple benefits such as supplying the region with clean water and biodiversity while also providing valuable shade and reducing soil erosion. The Kinsey Farm’s tree farm produces 300 tons of pulpwood and 250 tons of timber annually as part of a sustainable forestry effort. This provides a valuable source of income for the region as well as another valuable ecosystem service.


The Kinsey Farm has been a successful, profitable operation for generations. It produces an incredible array of fresh produce and has a retail garden center with an excellent reputation. The farm also has a tree farm that produces multiple benefits from trees and provides valuable shade to Reduce soil erosion and provide clean water. The farm has been successful for years and continues to be a valuable asset to the region.

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