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Dimmer switches are used for adjusting and setting the lighting mood to your choice. This can be done using different types of Dimmer switch. Benefits include reduced energy consumption and improved longevity of bulbs.

Why you should switch to Dimmer Switch

A reason why you should change to Dimmer Switch is that it will use less energy, and you can control the intensity of the light. By controlling the power, you can choose how strong the light is depending on your mood.

Benefits of getting a Dimmer Switch

  • Improved Ambiance
  • Saves Electricity
  • Adds Value for your property
  • Customizable

Rooms that are suitable for Dimmer Switch

  • Bathroom 
  • Bedroom  
  • Kitchen  
  • Hallways 
  • Living Room or Den 
  • Porch Lights 

Types of Dimmer Switch

  • Knob style – a circular turning knob. The most common type of switch
  • Toggle style – the appearance is similar to a regular switch but has a piece that moves up and down to control the light
  • Rocker control – identical to toggle, but is found on a more extensive light switch.
  • Slide – a horizontal switch that slides up and down to control the light.
  • Scene selector – has several buttons for you to choose the level of light.

If you hear a dimmer switch buzzing, you may need to replace the bulbs with new ones or lower wattage. A humming dimmer switch can also indicate that the switch has insufficient wattage capacity or low quality.

Installation Options

Our trained and certified installers are composed of licensed electricians who make supporting you their #1 goal. 

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